BinConf Research is the independent entity from the accomplished Managed Security Service Provider organization, Binary Confidence.

BC Research

Where ideas come to life. BCR develops cutting-edge software to streamline cybersecurity protection.

BC Research

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vScan is an integrated platform which looks for and helps with fixing vulnerabilities or misconfigurations which might be misused by malware or attackers to steal, encrypt or destroy company assets.

vScan discovers a list of devices on the network after every scan, provides alerting about any newly added or removed devices, and automatically updates your existing CMDB or asset management software to reflect the detected state of the network.


Upskill your team and minimize the risks of attacks, errors, and breaches by empowering your team through tailored, real-world simulations.

Our wargames offer a hands-on, immersive experience in a realistic and challenging environment, allowing you to refine your skills, test your knowledge, and  stay ahead of cyber adversaries. Using Binary Confidence’s Security Operations Centre, the war area is conducted using a lab environment, meticulously simulating a spectrum of cyber offense-defense scenarios. BCR customize wargames to mimic your organization’s IT Security structure, ensuring training authenticity.

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